Modern Corp.

We are a team of professionals and practitioners of several years of experience in international and Polish corporations and government institutions. We offer custom-made solutions within a full range of communication issues to small and large businesses, government bodies, local authorities and community organisations.
Our offer
We inspire and support organisations and brands in all forms of business communication. We advise on all matters related to strategies and to details regarding communication processes and messages. We prepare organisations and their employees for changes and assist in their implementation. Reputation management is our core competence.
We assist companies in multicultural business contacts by advising Polish entrepreneurs on successfully dealing with their foreign partners, and by helping foreign companies to assess the viability of entering the Polish market with their products and services.
Our approach
Goals can be achieved only when they are clear to all – from start to finish. We determine the starting point and set targets which are measureable at all stages.
Reputation of an organisation or a brand is their key value. It can protect them against a crisis and will ensure development for years to come. It should not be discredited or destroyed by inapt actions and false moves.
We draw and implement strategies indispensable to defend and strengthen reputation. We identify difficulties and problems, and present practical solutions. We measure the effects and outcomes, and introduce necessary modifications, as necessary. It may seem simple but it is not. This is not going shopping – you cannot get ready-made reputation off the shelf.
“First do a lot – then talk a lot about it”. Following this principle we assist in the realisation of ambitious plans of building reputation of brands and companies by communicating with their business environments through media relations, public relations, internal communication, corporate communication and targeted hands-on training.

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