Our Team

Modern Corp. Zbigniew Lazar

Zbigniew Lazar – Founder, CEO

I have honed my international management skills and communication expertise for over twenty years in Poland, the UK, Australia and France working for some of the world’s largest corporations, like General Motors, Opel, Lafarge or T-Mobile, as well as for the Commonwealth and State Governments in Melbourne and for the Universities of Silesia and Wroclaw. My entire professional career is an example of modern forward thinking set to initiate change and to benefit from it in the most creative ways, and to deal with arising problems in a bold open-minded manner.
Introducing new companies, brands and products on the market, rebranding of the existing ones, trouble-free plant closures, crisis communication at a global level at times of on-going violent conflicts among international shareholders, preparing thousands of employees for inevitable changes, or managing brand reputation among millions of clients – these are but some of the situations I have dealt with successfully.
These competences are complemented by such additional skills as: conflict-free management and leadership of multinational teams, in-depth knowledge of principles according to which international companies are run, understanding of organisational processes and procedures, strategic and advisory consulting, tutoring, moderating international conferences, delivery of training sessions and seminars to a variety of companies, as well as educational institutions in Poland and abroad, fluency in a few languages and knowledge of several cultures and corporate management styles, specialist publications on PR and communication issues, and frequent invitations by various TV networks to comment in their prime-time programmes on issues relating to political marketing, communication, image, reputation, multiculturalism and business etiquette.

Modern Corp. Andrzej Pomarański

Andrzej Pomarański – External Communication, Brand Communication

A Communications and PR expert, manager, press spokesman and business trainer with over 17 years’ experience in PR in various sectors and multinational corporations: General Motors Poland and Opel Polska, Polish Brand Manufacturers Association (including Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Henkel, Coca-Cola, Pepsico), Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (Era, Heyah, T-Mobile). M.A. in Journalism and Political Science from Warsaw University. Vice-president of the Polish Public Relations Association (PSPR) – Masovian Chapter.
Experienced in effectively promoting existing and new brands, companies and products through a variety of media channels and techniques, I have implemented and managed large international projects in both external and internal communication. I specialise in media relations, information management, crisis management and communication, PR strategies creation and implementation, brand and corporate image, and CSR policies and activities.
In my capacity as spokesman I have successfully represented companies in controversial and delicate situations, like shareholder conflicts, management crises, client complaints, product and service boycotts, and other. I have organised and conducted numerous press conferences, media briefings and interviews, and am well-acquainted with all aspects, both positive and negative, of working with the media as an indispensable and essential part of any organisation’s business activity. I also conduct training sessions on media relations and other PR aspects, and contribute articles on business communication topics.

Modern Corp. Ela Morrison-Guenette

Ela Morrison-Guenette – International Public and Government Relations, Marketing and Event Planner

Ela brings with her over 20 years of experience in working with a diverse segment of the population including, but not limited to, government officials, executives, diplomats, celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, sports events (Tour of Alberta), Olympic athletes, musicians, artists, children, non-profit groups and individuals.
She has organized several successful press campaigns, conferences, trade shows and special events to support her clients’ business objectives in various countries, including China and Russia. She was the voice of several corporations. Ela used her skills to enhance their reputation and build value to increase their sales and visibility on the international market.
Ela worked in Europe and North America with companies such as General Motors, Delphi Automotive Systems (Warsaw and Moscow), Puma sport outfitters, Motorola. She also represented the US Government at the Warsaw, Poland, and Calgary, Canada, embassies in the International Trade Departments. She also worked with the Canadian External Affairs Department of International Trade in Toronto, Canada.
Presently, Ela is sharing her work commitments mainly between Canada and Poland. She is planning, coordinating and implementing special projects, specializing in fundraising and securing corporate sponsorship for charity organizations, local governments and non-profit organizations.
No matter where she works, she uses her resources and experience to the full in order to ensure the results she produces are at the highest achievable level. She is well known for making sure every detail of her work stands out from the crowd. She prides herself on her ability to recognize and articulate a distinct voice for every project.
For her work with local communities and non-profit organizations, Ela received the prestigious Alberta Chamber of Commerce Award and was named “The Best Businesswoman of 2013”.
Her greatest strength is to take command of an operation or project, then guide it to new performance levels. She is well known for a great sense of humor, sunny disposition and a passion for challenges.

Modern Corp. Tomasz Tabako

Dr Tomasz Tabako – Leadership Excellence and Campaign Strategies

Based in the U.S. and Poland, Dr. Tabako is a Professor of Communication Studies at Georgia State University and an international expert on persuasion, campaign rhetoric, and the language of leadership as used in business and politics. He has worked for a variety of corporate, public, and social entities with widely divergent agendas, including economic lobbyists at the Polish American Economic Forum, political marketers at the Chris Long Group, fundraisers at the Chicago Humanities Foundation, and activists at Atlanta’s Occupy Wall Street. He has worked alongside and collaborated with a large number of prominent leaders including Mitch Kobelinski, Chairman of Parkway Bank, and Jan Nowak Jezioranski, Director of Radio Free Europe. He has taught persuasion and leadership-through-rhetoric across America in locations such as Chicago’s Northwestern University, Seattle’s University of Puget Sound, Atlanta’s Georgia State University, and the University of Iowa.
His professional consulting services, available in English and Polish, are thematically focused on the following: the language of leadership; winning styles; a rhetoric of building and maintaining reputation, business and political campaigns; counter-PR; crisis communication; speechwriting; persuasion in advertising and public debate; memorable sloganization; and the discursive construction of new markets and new electoral publics.
Dr. Tabako is a member of the influential Northwestern University Alumni Association whose affiliates include many business and political leaders such as the CEOs of Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as government officials in Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, and the U.S.

Modern Corp. Mirosław Żuławnik

Mirosław Żuławnik – Programy Edukacyjne

A certified business trainer, coach, business and negotiations advisor, press and TV journalist, manager and project leader for the Polish Chamber of Economy (KIG), university lecturer, member of the Polish Business Trainers Association and Press Club Polska. Graduated from the renowned Business Trainers Academy in Wroclaw. Deputy Dean of the Journalism and Social Communication Department, Business and Humanities College in Lodz (2008-2010); lecturer in media relations and business journalism at the Social Sciences College, Warsaw.
I have gained extensive experience in organising and implementing educational and training programmes for both corporations and central and local government bodies. I have worked with, e.g., IBM, Nokia, Henkel, Era, Lafarge, Citibank i Tikkurila Polska. As part of the UEPA Project (Administrative Procedures Simplification and Digitation) for the Ministry of Economy I was responsible for student recruitment, organisation and implementation of in-house e-learning programmes for some 12 500 central and local government employees.
In the course of my media career I progressed from reporter to programme director. My output is counted in thousands of press and TV reports. Also, I was in charge of introducing into the Polish public TV and the private Polsat TV networks several new business programmes and formats, i.a., Plus-minus, Profit, Noc internauty, Newscafe as well as the TVP Kultura and Patio TV theme channels.
My in-depth, insider’s knowledge of the inner workings of the media, combined with the understanding of business and effective communication, enables me to better address the clients’ needs and deficits thanks to which they can overcome all communication barriers more easily, and can master presentation and negotiation skills and techniques more effectively. These skills, although overlooked on occasion, play a decisive role in achieving business and sales success and in reaching the desired market position.
  • As a business trainer I specialise in
  • Effective self-presentation techniques
  • Sales and negotiation techniques
  • Public appearances, with an emphasis on electronic media
  • Persuasive language use in business
  • Media relations, with a focus on crisis management
  • Product and service presentation as sales support
  • European funds promotion

Modern Corp. Dr Klaus Hartmann

Dr Klaus Hartmann – Executive Advisor to the Board

For the past 20 years, Dr Klaus Hartmann held several high key positions in leading telecommunication companies in Europe. Acting as CFO, Treasurer, CEO and Member of Supervisory Boards in Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Austria and the USA, and being an active member on several Supervisory Boards, he developed company-specific strategies that focused on turnaround, transformation and change management. Currently, as Senior Advisor, Business Trainer and Coach, he shares his vast expertise on people management, organisational change and intercultural aspects with clients in Europe and the Middle East, and supports them in successfully interacting with the fast-paced dynamics of international cooperation. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Berlin.
As former CEO of a leading Polish telecommunication company and Board Member of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce, Dr Hartmann continues to maintain strong links to Polish businesses and Poland is one of his main business development focus points. Apart from his native German he works and communicates in fluent English and Polish.