Dr Klaus Hartmann

Modern Corp. Dr Klaus Hartmann

Dr Klaus Hartmann – Executive Advisor to the Board

For the past 20 years, Dr Klaus Hartmann held several high key positions in leading telecommunication companies in Europe. Acting as CFO, Treasurer, CEO and Member of Supervisory Boards in Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Austria and the USA, and being an active member on several Supervisory Boards, he developed company-specific strategies that focused on turnaround, transformation and change management. Currently, as Senior Advisor, Business Trainer and Coach, he shares his vast expertise on people management, organisational change and intercultural aspects with clients in Europe and the Middle East, and supports them in successfully interacting with the fast-paced dynamics of international cooperation. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Berlin.
As former CEO of a leading Polish telecommunication company and Board Member of the Polish-German Chamber of Commerce, Dr Hartmann continues to maintain strong links to Polish businesses and Poland is one of his main business development focus points. Apart from his native German he works and communicates in fluent English and Polish.