Dr Tomasz Tabako

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Tomasz Tabako – Leadership Excellence and Campaign Strategies

Based in the U.S. and Poland, Dr. Tabako is a Professor of Communication Studies at Georgia State University and an international expert on persuasion, campaign rhetoric, and the language of leadership as used in business and politics. He has worked for a variety of corporate, public, and social entities with widely divergent agendas, including economic lobbyists at the Polish American Economic Forum, political marketers at the Chris Long Group, fundraisers at the Chicago Humanities Foundation, and activists at Atlanta’s Occupy Wall Street. He has worked alongside and collaborated with a large number of prominent leaders including Mitch Kobelinski, Chairman of Parkway Bank, and Jan Nowak Jezioranski, Director of Radio Free Europe. He has taught persuasion and leadership-through-rhetoric across America in locations such as Chicago’s Northwestern University, Seattle’s University of Puget Sound, Atlanta’s Georgia State University, and the University of Iowa.
His professional consulting services, available in English and Polish, are thematically focused on the following: the language of leadership; winning styles; a rhetoric of building and maintaining reputation, business and political campaigns; counter-PR; crisis communication; speechwriting; persuasion in advertising and public debate; memorable sloganization; and the discursive construction of new markets and new electoral publics.
Dr. Tabako is a member of the influential Northwestern University Alumni Association whose affiliates include many business and political leaders such as the CEOs of Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as government officials in Norway, Denmark, Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, and the U.S.