Our targeted training programmes will benefit a wide range of professionals: those already in communication and PR-related functions, and those who may need to hone their presentation and media skills, or to perfect their personal branding.
Based on our versatile local and international experience, we carefully tailor training to the specific requirement s of our clients and to the type of industry or business they operate in. If required by our clients, we conduct communication audits and needs analyses which help define training deficits.

Our programmes are run on an in-house or out-of-the-office basis, for groups or for individuals, in Polish and in English, in modules ranging from half-a-day to three days.


p2 Change Communication: rebranding, restructuring, fusions, take-overs, other

p2 Crisis Prevention and Communication

p2 Personal Branding

p2 Business Etiquette

p2 Multicultural Business: doing business with partners from other cultures


p2 Corporate Communication and PR – Strategies in Practice

p2 Press Bureau Organisation and Operation

p2 Duties and Work of a Press Spokesman

p2 Media Relations


p2 Media Skills and Practice: interviews, statements, etc.
(led by experienced TV and radio journalists)

p2 Public Speaking

p2 Writing Skills: speeches, press releases, communiques, presentations, submissions, business correspondence

p2 Event and Conference Organisation

p2 Internal Communication and Internal Publications

p2 Employer Branding

p2 CSR